Micah Projects

Our People 2016/17

Micah Projects worker Sam Eyles (pouring tea) with Hope Street Café patrons at ‘Tangled in Blue’ exhibition of paintings by local artist John Doherty. Photographer: Craig Holmes.

Micah Projects began as an initiative of the St Mary’s Community in South Brisbane after recognising adversity and disadvantage within the local and broader Brisbane community.

We have grown significantly from humble beginnings in 1995 when our CEO Karyn Walsh, was the first paid employee working only ten hours a week. Micah Projects is now an organisation of 220 staff as of 2016-2017. This year we welcomed 69 new staff, farewelled 52 staff and held a retention rate of 84%.

We support a community where equality and diversity are valued which is reflected in our culturally diverse workforce, currently representing 21 countries of origin.

Micah Projects continually seeks to improve the performance, support and professional development of our workforce. In early 2016, with the adoption of the new performance program Talkin, we have strengthened staff performance by broadening the opportunities for professional development, education and mentoring. This year our staff engaged in CALM de-escalation training, Cross-Cultural Awareness Training, continuing Emergency Response Training and information sessions on Alzheimers and Dementia in homelessness populations, changes to the Mental Health Act and the Office of the Public Guardian and Public Trustee.

Through robust, valued partnerships and strategic collaborations with other not-for-profit organisations, governments and businesses, Micah Projects has built a network of complementing rather than competing services. This allows decision-making to be more strategic and sophisticated, to the benefit of the people we support.

We welcome the opportunity to inspire students in their career choice and provide meaningful learning environments for their course placement programs. In 2016-2017, we hosted 18 students from the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, Southern Cross University and University of Sunshine Coast. A further six international students and several Year 11 Brisbane State High School students contributed towards their course programs through volunteering.

The success of many of our events, activities, services and programs is due to the generous support of volunteers and donors. With over 120 regular volunteers, Micah Projects was able to increase the number of individuals and families we support and expand the services and programs we deliver. Donors have strong tangible impacts, allowing for any family presenting with children, to be immediately found accommodation, irrespective of government funding availability, to ensure no child sleeps on the streets.

Micah Projects would like to thank our partners, students, volunteers and donors. We greatly appreciate your generous donations and your time.